How much are dues?
Dues are $440/yr.

What services are provided?
Services provided are common area landscaping, repairs/upgrades, storm water system maintenance and community activities.

Who are the current Valtera View HOA Board officers and how do I contact the Board for questions?
The current officers are Joshua Gutierrez (President), Tim Stevens (Vice President), Melissa Irizarry (Treasurer), Anna Murray (Secretary) and Martin Mooney (Member-at-large). In addition, an outside firm owned by Rochelle Globstad manages our dues and financial payments, and functions as our Property Manager. If you have a question or concern regarding dues, please contact Rochelle at [email protected] or call at 425-334-5566. For all other questions or concerns, please contact your board. Board Officers contact information can be accessed from the "Board Members" tab on the Home Page.

Is there ever a HOA Board meeting that I can attend?
Each year a group meeting with all 79 Valtera View homeowners is planned for late summer, or early fall. In this annual meeting, among numerous topics to be discussed by the HOA Board, homeowners will be provided an in-depth look at the HOA finances and vote on the upcoming yearly budget, show completed and up-coming projects, vote for new Board officers, review outstanding issues and give homeowners a chance to voice opinions on any related HOA topic. If you have a specific need to be addressed personally with the HOA Board, please contact us to find out the next regularly-scheduled HOA Board meeting.

Do I need to get any type of approval if I want to build a fence or improve my lot, including planting trees?
Yes. In order to protect the overall design compatibility of Valtera View, home additions, exterior alterations, fences, walls, outside home painting, major landscaping and any other architectural plans must be approved in advance by the HOA Board. Homeowners need to submit an Alteration Request Form, completed with as much detail as possible, to Rochelle Globstad ([email protected] or call at 425-334-5566) or a HOA Board officer. This form can be accessed from the  Governing Documents tab on the Home Page.  Your current Board functions as the Architectural Committee. 

What do I do if I have an issue with another homeowner?
The best and quickest way to a solution is to talk to your neighbor and express your concern! But we know that sometimes that is difficult. Your other option is to contact your board members directly.

Who do I call if I have a non-emergency situation that requires the police?
Please call the non-emergency number at the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office at 425-407-3999.  You may also call 911 and tell them that the call is a non-emergency.

What are “Common Areas?”
Valtera View has a number of land tracts that are owned by the HOA for the benefit and enjoyment of all Valtera View homeowners. We do our best to maintain these areas in good condition. Please be aware that your action in a common area impacts all other homeowners. In addition, there are several easements that run through Valtera View that we do not own but we try to help minimize the overgrowth on them. Common areas also include common area fencing and mailboxes.

Can the HOA assess me with a fine?
Yes, but it would not be without several attempts to let a homeowner know they are violating a covenant. Typical fines are due to non-payment of yearly dues, improper lot maintenance, such as not cutting the weeds on the hill behind your house, or improper vehicle parking on your property or street that violates one of the covenants. Fines are expected to be paid once assessed and interest will be charged from the date due. Failure to pay fines assessed will lead to a lien imposed on your lot.

I would like to know the current financial shape of the Valtera View Homeowners Association and how my dues are being spent. How do I do that?
You can access the budget and spending of our HOA by accessing the  Financials tab on the Home Page. 

What are NGPAE designations on the Valtera View map?
Designated NGPAE (Tracts 985,988,997,998, and 998) are critical environment areas have been determined by the County as Native Growth Protection Area Easement, and are identified with a sign. No clearing, grading or construction of any kind can occur in these areas.

Who owns the pet clean-up stations?
The four pet clean-up stations located in the upper Valtera View, and the one station in the lower Valtera View, are owned by our HOA. We pay a nominal service charge for waste disposal, bag replacement, and keeping the units maintained.

Can my neighbor plant a tree that could block my sight line?
Sight lines are not specifically addressed in the Covenants, but are a part of the Alteration Request Form that is mandated for any landscaping project that may impact the quality and tastefulness of Valtera View Estates.  Generally, a sight line interference is one that blocks another's view, and is incurred because a tree has grown as high as the tree owner's roof.  Homeowners are required to continually trim or remove any trees on their property that may interfere with a neighbors sight line enjoyment.

Is it lawful to skateboard on the street in Valtera View?
It is illegal to skateboard on the street in Valtera View.  Under Washington Law RCW46.04.400, a skateboarder is considered a pedestrian.  And under RCW46.61.250, a pedestrian must use the sidewalk when one is available.